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Marine Invertebrate Larvae in Hong Kong Waters

Taxonomic Details

About This Project

Hong Kong experiences strong seasonal variation due to the monsoon weather pattern. This results in a wet season (June - August) dominated by strong precipitation and a dry season (October - December) characterized by reduced precipitation.
The variation in physical factors, such as precipitation and temperature, can alter the distribution and abundance of zooplankton in the water column.
The principal objective of this project was to investigate the distribution and seasonality of marine decapod crustacean larvae and stomatopod larvae in Port Shelter, eastern waters of Hong Kong, from May 2016 to July 2017.
What we discovered was a wealth of zooplankton diversity in our coastal waters, which included not only the larvae of commercially important species, but also many varied and interesting planktonic groups, and some that are truly remarkable forms. However, very little information is available on plankton locally, so we made it our goal to share our findings via this website as a way of increasing awareness and appreciation of plankton, and indeed of the marine ecosystem of Hong Kong.
This project is funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF 09/2015). The project is led by Prof. Karen Chan and Dr. Cynthia Yau (HKUST), and is supported by collaborators Drs. Chan Ka Hing and Dr. Kevin Kwok (PolyU).
Our team members include Esther Wong, Francis John Chan, Claire Knox, Harris Tso, and Daniel Tong; also assisted by Wilson Yeung, Elizaldy Maboloc, Jin Yung Wong, Pui Lam Ng and Abby Lo. You can learn more about our research team by visiting our lab website.
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