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A quantitative larval ecology lab exploring interactions between individual larvae, their fluid environments, and their population-level consequences in a changing world.


Combining coastal oceanographic, ecological, and engineering-based observational techniques, our work focuses on the main question of how individual experience in the plankton affects population dynamics.  


Co-occurring, congener tubeworms have significantly different salinity tolerance

Oct 2020

Congratulations to Iris and Seneca for their first peer-reviewed publication. View the article for free here.

Liu, T.X., Kinn-Gurzo, S., Chan, K.Y.K. Resilience of invasive tubeworm (Hydroides dirampha) to warming and salinity stress and its implications for biofouling community dynamics. Mar. Biol. 167:145. doi: 10.1007/s00227-020-03758-y


Feeding-swimming tradeoffs in barnacle nauplii

Oct 2020

Link to the open access article here.
Highspeed video of barnacle here.

Wong, J.Y., Chan, B.K.K., Chan, K.Y.K. Evolution of feeding shapes swimming kinematics of barnacle naupliar larvae: a comparison between trophic modes. Integr. Org. Biol. 2. doi:


The pattern of fluctuation shapes acidification impact

Oct 2020

Congratulations to Daniel for his first peer-reviewed publication.
Open Access to the article here.

Chan, K.Y. K., Tong, D. Temporal variability modulates pH impact on larval sea urchin development. Cons Phys. 8. doi: 10.1093/conphys/coaa008


Larval urchin swims to avoid acidic water

Jan 2020


Check out the new publication here.


Chan Lab rocked at SICB Annual Meeting

Jan 2020


Prof. Chan presented the new collaborative work with Prof. Mimi Koehl (UC Berkeley) and Prof. Benny Chan (Academia Sinica) on biomechanics on larvae. Swarthmore undergraduates presented their work on bacterial compound on larval urchin development. 

Marine Invertebrate Larvae Under Global Climate Change

Jan 2019

MPhil. student Wilson Yeung from Chan's lab explains why ocean acidification caused by the increasing global temperature imposes threats to marine invertebrate larvae such as sea urchins, a rare treat for sushi lovers.

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