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New Home at Swarthmore, PA, USA 

Jan 2019


Prof. Chan has started her appointment at Swarthmore College. She will be teaching marine biology in spring. 


We are Relocating

Nov 2018


Prof. chan and her lab will relocate to Swarthmore College, PA as of Jan 1st 2019.


Why barnacles larvae are shaped the way they are

Nov 2018


PhD student WONG Jin Yung published his meta-analysis on barnacle larvae morphology. Check out the new publication here.


We are on TVB Pearl Report!

Mar 2018


We are featured in the episode "Small Plastic, Big Problem". Watch the episode here.


Microplastics Cause Irreversible Effects on Marine Organisms

Mar 2018


Recently our research on the adverse effects of microbeads on marine invertebrates has been publicized in the media. The research team consists of Julia Leung (former undergraduate), Abby Lo (current postgraduate), and Pui-Lam Ng (current postgraduate) led by Dr. Karen Chan. The official HKUST press release can be viewed here.


New Publication on Interactive effects of temperature and salinity on early life stages of the sea urchin Heliocidaris crassispina 

Feb 2018


Congratulations to former Research Assistant Karen Mak for her recent publication in Marine Biology. A PDF of her article can be viewed here.


Two new publications!

Dec 2017


Congratulations to PhD student Abby and former lab member Julia for their recent publications. PDFs of the two journal articles can be viewed here (Abby's) and here (Julia's).


Dr. Karen Chan's Seminar in CA, USA

Oct 2017


On October 12th, Dr. Chan gave a seminar at the Moss Landing Marine Labs in California, USA titled "Growing up in a sea of change". Watch the presentation here.


Website: Marine Invertebrate Larvae in Hong Kong Waters

Oct 2017


The Chan Lab is excited to announce our new website highlighting the findings of a recent project to investigate the distribution and seasonality of marine decapod crustacean larvae in nearby Hong Kong waters. The website can be viewed here.


Congratulations, Zaldy!

Sept 2017


Congratulations to PhD candidate Elizaldy Maboloc for his recent publication in Scientific Reports. A PDF of his journal article can be viewed here.  


Larval Crustaceans Collection and Identification Workshop 

Sept 2017

The Chan Lab successfully hosted a hands-on workshop on plankton collection, quantification, and identification of marine decapod larvae at HKUST.


Presentation at ILBS 

Aug 2017


Dr. Chan and graduate student Elizaldy Maboloc presented at the 11th International Larval Biology Symposium in Honolulu, HI, USA.


Student Internship at Science Museum

Jul 2017


The student internship is in full swing at the Hong Kong Science Museum as students share their biological oceanography knowledge with eager visitors.


Revealing the Secret Lives of Plankton 

Jun 2017

Dr. Chan gave a public presentation unveiling the secret lives of plankton.


An Evo-Devo Talk Given by Dr. Billie Swalla 

May 2017


Dr. Billie Swalla from University of Washington is going to give us a talk on molecular analysis of the evolution and development of the chordates.


2017 Final Year Projects 

May 2017

Congratulations to all undergraduate students on their phenomenal work on their final year projects and poster presentations!


Miffy and the Ocean 

Apr 2017


Chanlab is supporting this Hong Kong Science Museum exhibit “Miffy and the Ocean” starting on April 5. Children can learn about plastic pollution, plankton, water quality and coral reefs through guided activities and games.


WWF Marine Plankton Workshop

Mar 2017


Chanlab trained local middle and high school teachers on Discovery of Ocean Drifters at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Education Center.


Presentation at SIBC 

Jan 2017


Dr. Chan, Abby and Zaldy are presenting at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology at New Orleans.


Public Lecture - Underwater Engineers: Habitat Changing Aquatic Organisms 

Oct 2016


Dr. Chan gave a public lecture about aquatic invertebrates in Hong Kong Wetland Park on Oct 8th.


Urchin in a hot tub 

July 2016


New publication on upper thermal limit of tropical sea urchin in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Collin from STRI in Ecology and Evolution.


One New Publication on Behavioral Response of Sea Urchin larvae in turbulence

May 2016


New collaborative work published in Journal of Experimental Biology.


Ocean Acidification Effects on Zooplankton 

Feb 2016


Dr. Cedric Meunier from Alfred Wegener Institute gave us a talk on how ocean acidification affect zooplankton growth and feeding behavior through the alteration of food elemental composition.


Presentation at SICB 

Jan 2016


Former lab member Karen Mak presented her work with us at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology at Portland Oregon.


Genomics and Developmental Biology of Urchins 

Dec 2015


Professor Andrew Cameron from CalTech gave us a talk on a comparative approach to echinoderm genome structure and function. 


Hands-on Experience for High School Students 

Dec 2015


Students from local international schools came to visit our coastal marine lab. They had the opportunity to feed living sea urchins and understand the setup for ocean acidification experiment.


Sea of Change 

Oct 2015


Professor Sam Dupont from University of Gothenburg gave us a talk on ocean acidification research approaches and ways of communicating scientific findings in a relatable way with the non-academic community.


New Final Year Projects In Full Swing

Sept 2015

Undergraduates are active in the lab. Some of them are investigating the effect of microplastics on marine invertebrate larvae.


Working with The Brittle Stars 

Aug 2015

Dr. Chan went to Sven Loven Center for Marine Sciences in Kristineberg to work with an amazing team.


Two New Publications on Ocean Acidification 

May 2015

New collaborative work published in Scientific Reports and ICES Journal of Marine Science.


Unveiling the secret of planktons to high school students 

May 6 2015

Dr. Chan gave a presentation to S.3-4 students at Tang King Po College on the "secret lives of plankton".


Water fleas in hot tub, FYP student got an award 

Apr 30 2015

Congratulations to our final year project student Miss Wong Hoi Ni (BISC) who was awarded the best poster presentation for her work on thermal tolerance of Daphnia.


Visitor from South Africa 

Feb - Mar 2015

Dr Paulla Pattrick from South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiveristy join us for a month to exchange techniques and findings on larval physiology and behavior.


Bocas del Toro Project Continues

Jan 2015

Our lab goes to Panama again! This time new graduate student Jessalynn Spears and Research Assistant Karen Mak are both studying how larval urchin cope with warming ocean.


Twining urchins and Robo barnacles

Winter 2014

We recently found fission in purple urchins in our lab and we were also joined by Dr. Benny Chan to put out robot barnacles to monitor our local waters. 


Presentation at Academia Sinica, Taipei



Prof. Chan was invited by the Center of Environment Change and Center of Biodiversity to give two seminars. She was extremely delighted to reconnect with her hosts Prof. George Wong and Dr. Benny Chan.


Prof. Chan featured in STRI news



Find out what Prof. Chan did in Panama and how larvae swim in hot tub by reading this article in STRI news.

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