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 HKUST Undergraduate Students and Their Final Year Projects 


Hoi Ni WONG (BIOL Yr3)

Pui Lam NG (ENVS Yr 3)


Lok Kwan CHAN, Elsie (ENVS Yr 4)

Tsam Yuet CHAN, Carol (ENVS Yr 4)

Pui Lam NG (ENVS Yr 4)

Tak Hou LI, Gordon (ENVS Yr 4)

Hau Kwan LO, Abby (ENVS Yr 4)

Hiu Ching YEUNG (ENVS Yr 4)




Julia LEUNG (BISC Yr 4)

Lap Yin YEUNG, Wilson (BISC Yr 4)

Rinaldi GOTAMA (BISC Yr 4)

Kai Hin CHU, Kelvin (ENVS Yr 4)

Joshua NG (BISC Yr 4)


Hiu Ting LO, Jessica (LIFS Yr 4)

Hok Chi CHENG, Edwin (LIFS Yr 3)

IMAGE 2019-01-28 15_13_13.jpg

Hiu Ting LO, Jessica (LIFS Yr 4)

Project title: Effect of temperature and salinity on larval development of red crabs

IMAGE 2019-01-28 15_13_36.jpg

Hok Chi CHENG, Edwin (LIFS Yr 3)

Project title: Biomechanical role of rostral spine on larval decapods



International Research Enrichment (IRE) track student


Julia LEUNG (BISC Yr 4)


My project focused on how segment regeneration of polychaete P. aibuhitensis is affected by micro-plastics. Worms were amputated and were fed with different sizes of micro-plastics. I found that micro-plastics negatively affected segment regeneration ability of P. aibuhitensis and smaller beads were more detrimental than larger beads.


Lap Yin YEUNG, Wilson (BISC Yr 4)


My research project is about crab larvae found in Port Shelter. I am interested in studying the seasonal variation of zooplankton abundance and larval crab diversity. Though it can be tiring to work on board and to rear larval crabs in the laboratory, I found it enjoyable and meaningful to connect with the nature and to better understand the zooplankton community in local water.


Rinaldi GOTAMA (BISC Yr 4)


My FYP focused on the effects of physical disturbance towards epibenthic community dynamics in Port Shelter (HKUST pier).  By periodically removing petri dishes simulating submerged in coastal seawater, I tested the effect of disturbance in different frequencies on the abundance of phytoplankton and sessile invertebrates settled on the petri dishes.


Kai Hin CHU, Kelvin (ENVS Yr 4)


My final year project is to find out the effect of cargo vessel noise on the growth and survival of the larvae of Heliocidaris crassispina. Results show that the growth rate decreased and mortality rate increased when the larvae were exposed to noise. Interestingly, we found out that the body growth was significantly affected in the treatment group when compared with the arm growth.


Joshua NG (BISC Yr 4)


"You have an insane collection of creepy crawlies." That's how people told my dad. Being raised in a mini zoo-liked environment, I had a wonderful experience handling different reptiles and exotic species more than one normal person would encounter throughout their life. I am particularly interested in growth and development of species within the Reptilia kingdom. 


In my final year project, I was granted this opportunity to work under Dr. Karen Chan's supervision on invertebrate growth and development, which is a whole new experience for me. I studied this Haminoea species found in Hong Kong, aiming to gather more information for species identification of this marine opisthobranch gastropod. 


Hau Kwan LO, Abby (ENVS Yr 4)


It is a project about the long term effect of microplastic on Crepidula onyx. Growth rate, injection rate, and sex ratio are the major parameters for examining the effects. Apart from that, the reversibility of the effect was investigated by only exposing the organism to microplastic in particular life stage.


Tak Hou LI, Gordon (ENVS Yr 4)


I am a final year student in ENVS program working on a Final Year Project in Dr. Chan’s lab. I am interested in how ocean acidification affects the marine planktonic organisms in terms of mortalities and performances. My project title is 'The effects of ocean acidification on mortality and performance of Tigriopus japonicus.


Lok Kwan CHAN, Elsie (ENVS Yr 4)


What I am doing is measuring the arms and body length of the sea urchin larvae using the software Fiji ImageJ. Next step is to obtain the orientation angle data by examining the video using Matlab. It is interesting that the larvae did not seem to be dizzy when being flip over again and again!


Tsam Yuet CHAN, Carol (ENVS Yr 4)


This study is to test whether the different physical environments of deep sea (abundant with blue light) and coastal area (presence of blue and red light) would led to a different visual system of zooplanktons in coastal area than deep sea. Samplings with new designed light traps is holding in Hong Kong to test whether the blue light can attract more zooplankton than red light in coastal area. This project will be finished on late January 2016. 


Pui Lam NG (ENVS Yr 4)


I am currently working on the effect of microplastics found in toothpaste on larval sea urchin H. crassispina. I am testing if human daily products would negatively impact the mortality rate, food ingestion rate and growth rate of the larvae. Hopefully, I can find the possible effect and reduce it in the marine environment.


Hiu Ching YEUNG (ENVS Yr 4)


I am working on the effects of micro-plastic on larval sea urchin, H. crassispina. Mortality rate, growth rate of larvae and clearance rate of food are measured to examine the effects. The capability of capturing and ingesting micro-plastic are observed under fluorescence microscopy, and the retention time of plastic is estimated.

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