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Kit Yu Karen CHAN

Office: Singer 404

Lab: Singer 416-417

Email: kchan1"at"


2012  PhD in Oceanography, University of Washington. 

2009  MSc in Oceanography, University of Washington.

2006  BSc (Hons) in Environmental Life Science, University of Hong Kong. 


Current appointment

Assistant Professor

Biology Department

Swarthmore College

Previous Academic Positions (2006 - beyond)

Summer 2023                   Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, University of


2018-2022                       Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Life Science, Hong Kong University of Science and


2014-2018                       Assistant Professor, Division of Life Science, Hong Kong University of Science and


2017-2018                       Visiting Associate, Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of


2016                                Visiting Fellow, South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity, South Africa.

2014-2016                       Guest Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MA.

2012-2014                       Postdoctoral Scholar of the Coastal Ocean Institute and Croucher Foundation Fellow,


Summer 2011 & 2013      Visiting Scientist, Sven Lovén Center of Marine Sciences and Research, 

University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2006-2012                       Research Assistant for Dr. Daniel Grünbaum, University of Washington.

Research Grants

2022-2025       National Science Foundation, Integrative Organismal Systems, PI

Hydrodynamic consequences of spines on zooplankton: Functional morphology of horns and tails on barnacle nauplii

2022-2024       National Science Foundation, Ocean Science, PI

Exploring mechanism of plasticity and tolerance in early stage marine invertebrates in response to marine heatwaves

2022-2023       National Science Foundation, Integrative Organismal Systems, PI

SICB 2023 Symposium: Large-scale phenomena arising from small-scale biophysical processes

2022-2023       Company of Biologists, Scientific Meeting Grant

SICB 2023 Symposium: Large-scale phenomena arising from small-scale biophysical processes

2018-2019       Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation Women in Science Program, co-PI

How Body Form Affects the Hydrodynamics of Swimming and Feeding by Zooplankton

2018-2019       COTS Research Grant, Australian Museum Lizard Island Research Station

Swimming behaviors of larval Crown-of-Thorns-Seastars: implications for distribution and dispersal modeling

2017-2019       Hong Kong Research Grant Council, General Research Fund

From physiology to predictions in a changing world: an application of dynamic energy budget model to bivalve veligers

2016-2018       Environmental Conservation Grant, Hong Kong

Marine invertebrate larvae in Hong Kong waters: Development of sampling and photo identification guides for larval decapods and stomatopods

2016-2020       Hong Kong Research Grant Council, Early Career Scheme

Effect of warming, acidification & hyposalinity on marine invertebrates larvae

2015-2018       Environmental Conservation Grant, Hong Kong, co-PI

Assessing the marine biodiversity and ecology of Tolo Harbour and Channel, with particular reference to coastal marine environments of Ting Kok and Shuen Wan Hoi – phase I

2014-2017       National Science Foundation, Biological Oceanography, co-PI

Functional Diversity and Performance of Ciliated Marine Invertebrate Larvae: Measuring and Modeling Larval Swimming, Feeding and Hydrodynamic Signaling

2014-2016       HKUST, Initiation Grant

Effects of climate change stressors on performance of larval marine invertebrates

2014-2015       HKUST, Research Equipment Competition

Carbonate Chemistry analysis for coastal waters

2014-2016       Smithsonian Institution Competitive Grant Program for Science, co-PI

Effects of hypoxia on planktonic larval distribution in tropical Caribbean

2014                 ASSEMBLE On-Site Assess Call

Impact of ocean acidification on egg and sperm physiology

2012-2013       Royal Swedish Academy of Science 

Impacts of changing ocean conditions on planktonic larval stage of marine invertebrates

Education Research Grants

2015-2017       HKUST Teaching Development Grant

Enhancing Students' Self-efficacy through Inquiry-based assessment techniques

Publications: (+ Indicates co-first authors, ^ Indicates students)

^Maboloc, E.A., Chan, K.Y.K. Parental whole life cycle exposure modulates progeny responses to ocean acidification

in slipper limpets. Global Change Biol. 27: 3272. doi: 10.1111/gcb.15647

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Dorey, N, ^Mabaloc, E.A., and Chan, K.Y.K. 2018. Development of the sea urchin Heliocidaris crassispina from Hong

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Chan, K.Y.K., Swelle, M., Bryne M. 2018. Revisiting the larval dispersal black box in the Anthropoecene. ICES.

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the sea urchin Heliocidaris crassispnia. Mar. Biol. 165:57

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aibuhitensisMar. Poll. Bull. 129:782

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+Wheeler, J.D, Chan, K.Y.K. (co-first authors), Anderson, E., Mullineux, L. 2016. Ontogenetic changes in larval

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Chan, K.Y.K., Jiang, H.S., Padillia, D.K.. 2013. Swimming speed of larval snail does not correlated with size and ciliary

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Durkin, C. A., Bender, S.J., Chan, K.Y.K., Gaessner, K., Grünbaum, D, Armbrust, V. 2013. Silicic acid supplied to coastal

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Chan, K.Y.K., Grünbaum, D. 2010. Temperature and diet modified swimming behaviors of larval sand dollar. Mar.

Ecol. Prog Ser. 415:49-59


Selected Awards

2012-2014        Croucher Foundation Fellowship for Post-doctoral Research

2012                  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Postdoctoral Scholarship

2011-2012        University of Washington College of Environment Travel Fund

2011-2012        Boeing International Fellowship

2010-2011        Huckabay Teaching Fellowship

2009-2010        Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship

2008-2009        Stephen and Ruth Wainwright Endowed Fellowship

2006-2009        Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for Overseas Studies


PDF version of CV available here

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